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Services EndPoint Manager
I'm having trouble knowing the explanation of each service and for each service that serves this list below. 
I searched several places, but without much relevant information about in general against information that is related to the status of the service. 
-What are they? 
-Part of (associate)? 
-What's the use? 
-How are they used?
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    I don't think I have this exactly right, but this should be close


    besserver - this is the application for the root server that is at the center of everything

    besfilldb - this is what the root server / relays use to take incoming reports, which in the case of a relay go up the chain and eventually reach the root server, and in the case of the root server, go into the BF Enterprise SQL DB.

    besgatherdb - this is what gathers data higher up the chain. In the case of relays this gets info from relays above it, in the case of the root server, it collects external sites from IBM.

    besclient - this is the piece that reports info of the physical / virtual computer it is installed on up to relays and eventually to the root server. the client also takes actions which make changes on the computer itself. All systems that are participating in endpoint management have the besclient installed.

    beswebrepots - this is a web UI for reporting on various things.