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Pinned topic How to send invites in the changed developerWorks

‏2013-04-29T05:08:32Z |

Hi All,


Just wanted to check if there is any change in the process of inviting external members, people who have dont have a developerWorks. How do we send an invite?


Thanks in advance


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    Re: How to send invites in the changed developerWorks


    Hello Suresh, go to invite members, select invite, type in the email id and wait for it to give you a message "Invite to developerWorks". It will then send an email to that person with a link to register, as soon as they register the system will automatically added to the communities that they were invited to as well as sending an email.

    Unfortunately the process broke in the last few days, so we have to wait for it to be fixed.

    If you try and add yourself you will get the "Invite to developerWorks", you should actually get your IBM ID so clearly the system can't find you, so another problem there too