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Pinned topic Batch Step Retry - props - and Skip Record

‏2013-08-22T15:27:35Z |

Can someone shed some insight into Job Step Retry please.

In the Infocenter, you can see the batch.step.retry props located under the <job-step name="..."> stanza


However, in one of the CG PDFs you find this:


WebSphere XD Compute Grid V8 includes two different declarative record processing policies, skip records and step retry. The skip records policy covers the input stream, and the step retry policy covers record processing and the output stream.
The step retry policy is NOT related to skipped records. It will automatically retry a failed step since its last checkpoint

>> found here:

page 5.

The implication is that the batch.step.retry props should live under the outputStream in the <bds> stanza (and not under the inputStream).

Please compare with the skip record policy props which appear under the inputStream under <bds>:


Additionally, my interpretation of the PDF is that you would never see batch.step.retry props under inputStream under <bds> and that Compute Grid thus would not support a RETRY policy on the inputStream (outputStream only).

Can someone confirm or deny and shed helpful light please?