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Pinned topic Service Provider – GL Accounts for Fees and Charges

‏2013-04-16T03:47:05Z |

Hello everyone,

In Service Provider (SP) module, fees and charges can be applied to the work orders, tickets, and sale orders. Then in the Customer Billing (SP) application, you can see the fees and charges for each bill line.

My question is what GL accounts should be used for the fees and charges.

In the Customer Billing application, each labor, material, service, and tool transaction can have a GL Debit Account and GL Credit Account. I know how to set these GL accounts up so that they can present in the bill lines. But I don't know what I should do for the fees and charges to associate with GL accounts.

In the PLUSPGBTRANS table, which is used to hold the fee and charge data, has a field REVENUEGLACCT (General Ledger Revenue Acct). Is this the GL account the fees and charges to be paid to? Where can I set up this account so that this REVENUEGLACCT field can have a value?

With Best Regards,