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Pinned topic Volume made of LUNs from different DS4800 arrays

‏2013-12-25T21:07:00Z | ds4800 ds4k spanned volume



I'm in a situation where we want to have the Windows 2008 volume expanded, but there's not enough free space on the DS4800 array the LUN (logical drive) is configured on. None of the other arrays of this DS4800 has the capacity to accomodate the whole expanded LUN. It seems that the only way to go is to create a new LUN (of size by which we want to expand) on a different array and merge the two LUNs on the OS as the spanned volume.


I'm concerned that having such 'multi-array' volume would be more risky - involving more physical disks would result in shorter Mean Time to Failure.

It also seems to me that this could have some impact on the I/O performance but it is hard for me to say how big it could be.


Does my concerns make any sense? Could anyone share their experience of having such setup, please?

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