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Pinned topic checkbox on list form lines

‏2013-12-02T17:01:23Z |
Have an existing model which imports a base model and generates a Find & List form.  On the list form, a checkbox has been added to each line.  Also, buttons have been added to Select or Un-select all rows.  When one of these buttons is clicked a method is run to update the page assistant (PAData) so each line is checked or unchecked.  This approach works on page 1 with 10 rows, but subsequent pages return the 10 rows of data plus blank rows, in other words the paging button shows lines 11-20 but the list shows the data for 1-10 and 10 blank rows.  Any ideas what may cause this? 
Using Web Experience Factory Version:  Attached is a test model, base model & screen shot.