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Pinned topic Harvesting out Test Run Attributes (Who and When)

‏2014-03-24T16:31:42Z |
Hello dxl Community

I have a set of formal  modules with Validation Test Data, that contain muiltiple Test Run Views. I would like to get access to what the Help file calls "Test Run Attributes", i.e. 

(i) who ran the test
(ii) when the test was done
Do I need to install the T3 tool (i.e. copy the relevant dxl fie into the addins folder) to get this info?
I was looking at the DOORS help section on Comparing Test Runs and there is only information on whether the Test passed or  failed.
Any hints appreciated,


  • kourosh
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    Re: Harvesting out Test Run Attributes (Who and When)


    Are you talking about the "Test Date" and "Test Engineer" attributes that get created in a module when you select Tools > Test Tracking > Create/Update Test Definitions and then Create Test Run from the menu?

    If so, you should just be able to do something like

    Object o = current

    print o."Test Engineer" "\n"

    print o."Test Date" "\n"


  • Chris Annal
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    Re: Harvesting out Test Run Attributes (Who and When)


    I'm just exploring this feature of DOORS and I can tell you this much. Depending on how you set up your Test Tracking module, DOORS will create new attributes based on those you select for each test run. Also, you mention getting access to these attributes.

    If you mean simply displaying them in a View, the easiest way would be to choose "Insert-->Column" and select those attributes from the pop-up dialog.

    If you mean accessing them via DXL, I would guess you mean that you want to follow links to these objects from another module and display the test run attributes in the linked module. You should be able to run the Analysis Wizard to follow the links and when you select the formal module with the Validation Test Data, those attributes should appear as available selections in the dialog. Just select the ones you want to display information from and continue following the prompts to complete the Wizard. It should create a column in your linked module that displays that information. I learned a lot about DXL simply by right-clicking on the newly-created DXL Layout column that was created by the Analysis Wizard and choosing Properties-->Layout DXL-->Browse-->Current and seeing the DXL used to build that column. In your case, it might look something like this...

            if (depth == 1) {
                s = probeRichAttr_(othero,"Test Date", false)
                if (s == "")
                displayRich("\\pard " " ")
                displayRich("\\pard " s)

                s = probeRichAttr_(othero,"Test Engineer", false)
                if (s == "")
                displayRich("\\pard " " ")
                displayRich("\\pard " s)

    ...if you have several runs, you may have to select the incremental attributes that are created for each new Test Run in that module ("Test Date 2", "Test Date 3", etc), if you want to see all of this information for a given Test Case that was run multiple times. This is as much as I've explored this feature in DOORS, but I hope it helps.

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