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‏2014-04-04T18:48:25Z | .net add-in configuration install studio visual

I had previously had Express C 9.7 installed on my Windows 7 machine using it for development using Visual Studio 2012. I attempted to upgrade to Express-C 10.5. I tried installing the 64 bit version. I first uninstalled 9.7. The basic installation of 10.5 worked as expected. I installed the 64 bit version of Data Studio as well. When I tried to use the Configure DB2 .NET Provider, it acted like it was going to start (mouse showed moving circle) and then nothing happened. Did not know what to do, so I moved on to try to install the Visual Studio Add-ins. When I tried this, I got an error about version/fix mismatch and could not proceed.

When I compiled a program in VS, it gave me a warning about the provider compatibility with machine architecture. It referred to version 9.7, and I believed it was trying to tell me that there was a 32 bit versus 64 bit issue. That was my guess. So I uninstalled everything, except Data Studio. It would not uninstall because it could not unconfigure the Data Studio Web console. I tried doing that using the menu item. I saw the command window open and close. No message as to whether it succeeded or not. I tried to uninstall again, and got the same error.

I then installed the 32 bit version of DB2, and the 32 bit version of Data Studio as a separate instance.After doing that, I tried running the Configure DB2 .NET Data Provider and got an error about it not being installed properly and the option to say that it was installed properly or to reinstall using suggested settings. I took the latter option and when I tried to run it, I got the same thing as before. It looked like it was going to start, then nothing happened at all.

After that I tried installing the Visual Studio Add-in again, and got the same error. Basically it looks like nothing is working and there is some kind of mess where things will not install or configure. I am stuck. Where do I go from here?

Additional NOTE: After posting the above, I switched back to development using SQL Server until I got some help with DB2. SQL Server stopped working as well. I had to uninstall and reinstall SQL Server to get it to work again. Previously DB2 and SQL Server coexisted nicely. At least after version 8 of DB2 and SQL Server 2008.

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