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Tucked away behind an array of Oak and Poinciana trees is the Women's Club of Coconut Grove. The building looks almost historic next to the many modern establishments that surround it on the corner of South Bayshore Drive and McFarland. Behind the trees is a building full of history dating back to 1891.


Walter de Garmo constructed the stone building in 1921 after the original building was torn down in 1971. Presently the building is used for a variety of events: from wedding receptions to art shows however, the history is a lot more dynamic than one may think when looking at the quant set up.


In 1975 the Club was acknowledged as Historic Place being officially listed on the National Register of Historic Places. With their physical location and philanthropic standing in society they set out to work on various causes such as: AIDS Awareness and Women's Suffrage, they also fostered community development by providing various social and culturally educational events for community members. As the club marks 122 years they continue to help the community and as said in their motto " lend a hand." With its rich history the Women's Club of Coconut Grove is the ideal setting for a variety of events, especially those looking for a more classic and historical feel.