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Pinned topic Manually add mongo service to ICAP Sandbox

‏2013-05-22T06:38:04Z |

If you're in a slow network, it'll take a long time to download the mongodb binaries using the or addMongoService.bat scripts. Even more, many developers already have mongo installed before. If so, you can manually add mongo service to ICAP Sandbox by:

1) Create a directory named mongo-2.4 under <sandbox-install-dir>/services

2) Download the attached file and extract the basicexamples.txt and service.json to the mongo-2.4 directory

3) Download  mongo-java-driver-2.10.1.jar from and copy it to the mongo-2.4 directory

4) Launch ICAP IDE and start Sandbox in the Cloud Explorer view (or refresh if Sandbox is running), and you can see mongo service(Mongo V2.4.1) is added under NoSQL Services