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Pinned topic Can we display the default tranformation on an HATS macro error?

‏2013-06-30T00:36:39Z |

Currently, when an error occurs in a HATS macro, 3270 transformation, it displays a Error message with the buttons Disconnect and Default. Upon choosing the Default option, it show the actual error that occurred in the transformation or Host3270 screen where the macro failed.

Can we always choose to display the Default transformation instead of having the users to click the Default button?

Thank you! Ravikanth Chavali

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    Re: Can we display the default tranformation on an HATS macro error?

    ‏2013-08-01T14:04:55Z  in response to RavikanthChavali

    Hi Ravi,

    Navigate to Project Settings -> Events and click on Error to open Error Event editor.

    Go to source tab and add a new 'apply' action. You can disable/remove the 'show' action. In the below example, testRCP is the project name. You can replace it with yours.

          <apply enabled="true" transformation="testRCP.transformations.DefaultTransformation"/>
          <show enabled="false" page="testRCP.composites.CustomErrorComposite"/>



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