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We have lots of services and want to write scripts for regular export and import tasks and not planning to automate completely.I have SOMAs for import and export that performed succesfully with curl, I want to automate exporting a bit.

Usually when we export using SOMA we get base64 text embed in soap response. I want to strip this base64 and save it in a different file as manual creation might be erroenous sometimes. Want to combine these two tasks into a single batch file but I have few questions below.

1) I have challenge to strip base64 from response as linux ( using Cygwin ) cannot go by msg but by lines ( grep, egret etc ).

2) I want to fetch base64 on successful transaction only but how to check whether call is success or failure ?

3) Is this batch file creation a good process or should I go with URL-OPEN in stylesheet ?

4) With url-open is there a way to bypass ssl proxy profile as like cURL? DP expects cert for SOMA calls and fails the transaction.