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Pinned topic Session Timeout - Lost API Requests.

‏2013-07-16T21:19:24Z | session timeout


Experiencing ongoing issue where API requests sent via Web Services are getting dropped and lost.  Only about 60 - 70% of actual requests are pushed to ITIM.  The rest drop off into cyber with no known way of tracking and finding out what caused the drop.

Not an expert with Web Services thus the question.  Unable to locate Web Services logging to start.  No logging was installed from the start or is named differently from what i expect? From the application i do have a clue with every 3rd request this message; (HTTP response code: 500 (FAIL)

Current details:  1200 seconds for Web Services Timeout, using client state and 48 hours for ITIMauthToken.  The only other factoid is web services is installed on a cluster however the 3rd party configuration only communicates with one designated server.

Can someone provide some direction and help this novice out?  (with Web Services anyway)  Would be much appreciated .... we are looking forward to the new ITIM version where Web Services is supported...yay!