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Pinned topic SVC Global Mirror Initial background copy question.

‏2013-11-07T08:52:43Z | svc

- SVC partnership is in place.
- Create a new vdisk on primary site A (vdisk1)
- Create a new vdisk on secondary Site B (vdisk11)
- Vdisk1 is not yet mapped to a host.
- Create a Global Mirror relationship between vdisk1 and vdisk11
- Start rcrelationship
- Map vdisk1 to host and host creates filesystem and starts with I/O's.

Can I use the -SYNC flag at the moment I create the rcrelationship so I don't have to do complete initial background copy?

Normally with existing vdisks wich are in use by hosts we do create rcrelationships without the -sync option.