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1) I ve server list(LPAR,VIO) and Need to know Power7 HW platform by number of cores/socket? I do not need info by LPAR. All physical HW including TSM server, NIM and what i have to do to get physical server name..

2) what is QA refresh activity and what we need to do from AIX side..



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    Re: Power7 HW,QA refresh activity


    This is somewhat vague;  however, there are a number of ways to do this and it depends on what is in your environment.   You should first check to see if you have any enterprise tools like Tivoli that already have this information.   I have seen a lot of environments where the enterprise tools don't make it across the enterprise, thus saving time, and providing crucial information to IT staff. 

    You can use the hmc's to get the information for all frames connected to it. I suggest a review of this link as a starting point...