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Pinned topic 3512 cache upgrade, how?

‏2013-11-06T06:01:24Z | ds3500



I run dual controller DS3512 and need to upgrade cache DIMMs.

What is procedure for this?

First of all - do I need to power off all system or, because I have dual controller I can remove one controller , replace DIMM, insert it and then do the same with second controller? I'm in doubt because documentation says that both controller need the same cache amount, but if i replaced DIMM in one controller another one will have 1Gb, so they will not be even.

Another problem:

Installation, User's, and Maintenance Guide


Says :


To avoid damage to the DIMM, you must first remove the memory
cache battery and wait the required time period before you install or remove the
DIMM. Follow the instructions in this procedure exactly.


But there is no info about removing battery in further instruction, and there is no info about "required time period".

Do I need to remove battery? If yes- what is this required time period?


Thank you!