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‏2014-01-27T12:34:26Z |

Hello to all.

I have an DS4800 connected to an SVC.

I have recently increased the capacity to a logical drive on my DS4800 but i cannot see the new capacity to the SVC mdisk.

Does anyone have any idea what i did wrong?


Thanks in advance


  • chriscanto
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    Re: DS4800 with SVC


    SVC doesn't support expanding the size of an existing mdisk while it is managed (i.e. part of a storage pool).

    You'll need to remove the mdisk from the pool, so that it becomes an unmanaged mdisk, then detect mdisks (to trigger a rescan).  At that point the new capacity of the mdisk should be seen and you can re-add it to the storage pool.

    This process obviously requires that you have enough free space in the pool to be able to remove the mdisk in the first place.  It's probably more common to add additional mdisks to existing pools rather than expand the current ones when adding new storage capacity.

  • ggorg
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    Re: DS4800 with SVC


    Thanks a lot Chris.

    I am going to add a new MDisk.