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‏2013-11-19T12:02:47Z | monitoring oracle resource rpt

 I observed, while selecting oracle related counters/parameter(say V$SESSSTAT or V$RSRC_SESSION_INFO), the counters shows SID="<value>".

For session, which will start after running the schedule, a unique SID will be generated and based on same the results,  Resources must be obtained but we found that the results were based on SID selected
initially (Add/remove Performance Counters>Resource Monitoring Counters).

I would like to know how RPT is capturing SID="<value>" during selection of Resource monitoring data source. Any inputs on the correct procedure on how to retrieve the oracle counters data and interpret these counter data in RPT reports ?

Thanks in advance


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    Re: Oralce DB monitoring using RPT



    I cannot find any internal information on the IBM Support site regarding retrieving the oracle counters data and interpret these counter data in RPT reports. You can create a ticket within IBM Support group and we could investigate further:

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    Re: Oralce DB monitoring using RPT


    Hi Sourabh

    I did configure Oracle v11g with RPT v8.5 at my end. I do notice multiple Oracle DB counters out of which the "$RSRC_SESSION_INFO" monitor shows several counters spread across different session ID's . I suspect that RPT is capturing all these thread sessions running on the given oracle instance (SID = orcl) as each session is revealing the same set of data counters across multiple sessions.


    Rajesh Avanthi


    Hi Rajesh,

    Thanks for the response.

    There were two issues with Oracle Resource monitoring :

    1. While selecting Oracle resource monitoring parameters/counters, RPT fetches some SID=<value> 

    ( which may be from earlier session, though I have no idea about it, its an assumption) .

    2. After running the schedule, a new session id is created, thus if we right click in resource tab in performance report, followed by Add/remove counters--> Resource monitoring counters and verify SID, it is still old value that was observed during selecting counters. RPT must record new SID or we need more clarity on this issue.

    Hope you got the issue that we are facing.