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Pinned topic IOS000I Command reject issue with RD&T with NAS

‏2013-06-11T01:37:23Z | cmd ios000i nas



Would you please help resolving IOS000I error message we are getting while running INIT on z1091 Version 1-3.43.20 build data 3.9.2012?

Here is the I/O error message we get when running an INIT on any devices defined to the NAS box.  We have not seen any I/O error for devices in the Linux internal storage.

IOS000I 0B11,EF,CMD,05,0E40,,00000000,ATS074,IBMUSERQ, 936       

IOS000I 0B25,EF,CMD,05,0E40,,00C80000,ATS094,IBMUSER , 544       


In general, when we defined a new CKD volume, we used the following command:

alcckd /mnt/NAS/DASD/ATS074 -d3390-3  (This is allocating the file to the NAS attach device)

alcckd /z/ATS074 -d3390-3 (This is allocating the file to the internal storage in the Linux box)

All of our I/O errors only occurs for volumes defined to /mnt/NAS/DASD directory.  All volumes define to /z never have an I/O error.


[ibmsys1@localhost ~]$ cd /z
[ibmsys1@localhost z]$ ls
ATS054  ATS081  ATS099  ATS131  ATS153  ATS175  ATS207  ATS239  lost+found
ATS055  ATS083  ATS102  ATS132  ATS155  ATS176  ATS214  ATS242  LRG001
ATS056  ATS084  ATS112  ATS134  ATS156  ATS178  ATS219  ATS243  LRG002
ATS058  ATS085  ATS115  ATS143  ATS160  ATS183  ATS220  ATS247  RDT_z113
ATS060  ATS087  ATS117  ATS144  ATS162  ATS185  ATS223  ATS249
ATS064  ATS088  ATS118  ATS145  ATS163  ATS186  ATS225  ATS251
ATS070  ATS089  ATS119  ATS146  ATS165  ATS190  ATS226  ATS254
ATS071  ATS090  ATS122  ATS147  ATS166  ATS191  ATS227  ATS261
ATS072  ATS092  ATS123  ATS148  ATS168  ATS192  ATS231  ATS263
ATS075  ATS093  ATS126  ATS149  ATS169  ATS193  ATS233  ATS271
ATS077  ATS096  ATS127  ATS150  ATS171  ATS203  ATS234  ATS309
ATS078  ATS098  ATS129  ATS152  ATS173  ATS204  ATS235  ATS311
[ibmsys1@localhost z]$

Thanks in advance!