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Guy Dillen
Guy Dillen
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Pinned topic Informix IDS on Windows 8.1 Install Problem

‏2015-06-24T19:10:50Z | informix12.10

When installing Informix Developer Bundle 12.10 on Windows 8.1 (in Win7 compatibility mode) IDS installs. However I get 2 NonFatalErrors after installation:


Custom Action: com.ibm.informix.install.ia.ProcessFiles

Status: ERROR

Additional Notes: ERROR - class

com.ibm.informix.install.ia.ProcessFiles.install() runtime exception:


Install Merge Module: $BUILD_SOURCE$\server\IBM_Informix.iam.zip

Status: ERROR


Can I ignore these, or even better any clue what's the cause of these errors (how can I solve) ?



  • DanyHugelshofer
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    Re: Informix IDS on Windows 8.1 Install Problem



    I got the same error also installing on 8.1


    Any News about the cause of this error?


    Any hint is welcome.




  • Lieselb
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    Re: Informix IDS on Windows 8.1 Install Problem


    Hello, Guy and Dany

    could you give a bit more info?

    Which IDS Version, and is this a new one, or are you installing over an existing version?

    Thank you


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