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Pinned topic Allow DataStage 9.1 ports in firewall among DB2 i and DB2 p series and Oracle P series and DataStage Clients

‏2013-05-21T15:38:20Z | datastage firewall in ports


We are planning to setup the DataStage 9.1 server setup for replicate the data among DB2 i series, DB2 p series and Oracle p series . Those Databases servers are not in same network and Datastage also in different network. Now we are concerned about the networks ports for the Communications between DB servers and DataStage server and clients

Shall i allow those ports numbers in the firewall mentioned in the link. and what about the random ports opening..

Could you please tell me the right link which shows the required ports to be opened on the firewall for the replications communications. 

Also I heard about file named called 'porstlist' should be found WebSphere installed directory which file would have the enough details about the number of ports. Thanks for your any further suggestions.   

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