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‏2013-04-30T20:02:02Z | dialog modal popup render

Still having to many problems when a dialog box comes into play.

Although i've been able to solve some of the issues a describe on my older post

I solve on problem and step into another, i think the dialog component / widget should be handled diferently, ie, I have many dialogs where I need to render a subfile inside, if I add this rules into the custom rendering set they will conflict with my previous ones, no matter the order of them.

Maybe im wrong but dialogs should have somehow a diferent rendering set and the most important only care about components inside them, having relative screen positions lets say the upper left corner inside the dialog should be the (0,0) pos.
As I see todays hats dialog solutions are poor.

Is there anyway to change the rendering set once I recognize a dialog component on the screen???. Or to define a custom screen general criteria capable of recognizing there is a dialog on the screen??.

Thanks in advance.

Alejandro Amen