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‏2013-07-02T04:38:50Z | 6.1 aix issues performance

Good Day Everyone,
Just wonder anyone has encounter AIX 6.1 Memory Performance issues ? What I have in my current scenario is we have 3 datastage servers (Segregate server and EE jobs - for those who know Datastage achitect) and 2 db servers(running HA to load balance 4 nodes partitions for each server). From our observation, after ETL jobs run for quite sometime (about a week), the performance of jobs start degrading. And we found out that the paging start occurring. After that we decided to restart all 3 servers after the whole day batch job finished. After restart, for the next 5-7 days the performance is within our expectation, but after that the paging start happen again. 
Anyone has shine me bright idea how to resolve this or anyone encounter this before ? your input is very much appreciated.

Following is my current AIX Server version


Thank you Everyone!

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    Looks like a memory leak to me....

    You have to check the memory use for each of your products and check with the editors if they are aware of such things.

    Run a perfpmr for details (or just the script)

    Could also be a system bug, and yours is a little old.

    Could be a good idea to upgrade the system.