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‏2013-05-09T16:20:22Z | link tririga url

Does anyone know how to do this?


My original question:

Can you create a direct URL link to the graphic tab on the floor record 
in Tririga from an another web application.  


Response from IBM support:

David and Lisa - This would be an excellent question to pose on the Service Management Connect (SMC) website. The URL is This website is monitored by the development team who could provide you a definitive answer. One thing I believe you would have a problem with is authentication at the very least. Additionally, there would be the issue of getting to a specific record. You would most likely need to provide the spec_id in the URL somewhere. You could find the specific URL in the title bar of the floor record. Keep in mind that this usage would not be supported and could break if the development team changes the URL syntax in a future release.




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    Re: Direct URL link from another web application


    As was noted in the PMR response you will need to authenticate into TRIRIGA (unless you have SSO configured) and if you're using the direct url you'd need to have the specId for the floor record, and you risk that breaking if we change our url parameters at any point. You have the option of creating an alternate form for floor that just has the graphics tab, or defaulting to the graphics tab by setting the appropriate categoryId (tab id) in the request parameters.

    Please let me know how I can assist further.....

    - Kevin

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