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Pinned topic How to check CQ license usage on Unix?

‏2013-10-22T14:51:34Z |

Please see the details here:

In one of my Linux server, $LM_LICENSE_FILE is not set, but CQ can be used, don't know where does the license come from?


bash-3.00$ echo $LM_LICENSE_FILE




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    Re: How to check CQ license usage on Unix?


    Hi JirongHu, 

    Welcome to the Rational Licensing Forum. 

    Please navigate to the last folder under Base folder of Rational License server installation folder. 

    Use the command ./lmutil lmstat -a -c 1706@todia030 to get the information about the CQ license usage availablility of licenses, which all other licenses are in use. 

    Should you have further queries, please reply to this thread