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Pinned topic Error in calling sequence datastage from control flow

‏2013-06-13T15:50:37Z | call control datastage flows infosphere job sequence timeout warehouse
I'm using InfoSphere Warehouse (version 9.7.3) and Datastage (version is 8.5 ).
I created a control flow that calls a Sequence Datastage but I have a problem in the execution of flow. 
The problem is that the the flow calls successfully the Sequence and the sequence Datastage starts.
But after 15 minutes the control flow fails with the following message "Failure accessing job xxx. Could not access job xxx. Make sure this job is compiled". 
So the control flows shows the error and stops. 
But opening Datastage client, I see that the sequence is still running with no kind of error and completes successfully.
The problem occur in Admin Console and Design Studio.
Investigating the problem, I've noticed that if DataStage jobs runs successfully in less than 15 minutes there is no problem and control flow ends, vice versa the control flows shows the previous message..
I'm using the production system of Infosphere Warehouse, we don't have a deployment one. 
I can connect to the DataStage Server successfully from Design Studio.
It seem to be a problem of time-out. But I didn't find posts or topic like this in web. 
Help me! :)
Thanks and regards,