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Pinned topic Global data detection problem

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How to detect such problem in Purify on Windows  ) ?

int array[10];
void main() {
array[11] = 1;


I have found such example in  on page 46.  Also I've tried using -static-checking=yes flag but it's not recognized.


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    Re: Global data detection problem



    The document you referenced is a Purify User Guide based on Linux/Unix system. On Linux/Unix, Purify is able to detects references beyond the boundaries of data in global
    variables and static variables, that is, data allocated statically at link-time as opposed to dynamically at run time. If testing your code on Linux, it is able to see reporting ABW. However, on Windows system, Purify detects array bounds errors within dynamically allocated regions (heap memory), not for global, local or static arrays on the stack.