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Pinned topic Connect from one HBA to two separate SVC clusters

‏2013-11-20T16:38:34Z | hba svc

Hi, we currently have one SVC cluster with 8 nodes, in the process of building another SVC cluster with 6 nodes. Both SVC clusters connected to the same SAN switch.

The storage attached to 8 node cluster are mainly Tier 1, the storage attached to the6 node cluster are mainly Tier 2.

If I have a server that wants to access both Tier 1 and Tier 2 storage, and that server only has two HBA ports (one for SAN A and one for SAN B), can I zone the storage from separate SVC cluster and map to single HBA port. I'm pretty sure technically it's OK, how about best practice? Is it a recommended setup, or should I install a new HBA adapter on this server.



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    Re: Connect from one HBA to two separate SVC clusters


    We have Hosts\servers (Windows\ AIX \ ESX) with 2 HBA's (each fabric 1) zoned to different storage devices. Including a SVC and a V7000. Meaning the host is defined on SVC\V7k with two fibre channel ports. Never had any issues.