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Pinned topic DOORs - Fronware Everwhere Error - java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException

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In attempting to play in the DOORs Sandbox, I received a Java error called "Fronware Everywhere error" that says "java.lang.ArrayOutOfBoundsException". 


I did this after I opened a word file. My intent was to practice "importing" requirements into DOORS. 


*The issue is that when I click the "OK" or "x" button on the error message, I loose my window and I have to re-login. After re-logging into the remote PC, I see the same error. I cannot get past this. Can someone "log me out" so that I can continue to work?

Attached is a picture of the error.


Jesse Childress

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    Re: DOORs - Fronware Everwhere Error - java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException


    Hi, Jesse,

      This issue come from the RDP Java Applet, I try it on my computer it work fine. Could you give us your Java and OS version you are using so we could do more investigation.

      If you still have the same issue you may want to  try the other methods to login to the Sandbox. It is Window 7 , you should have the same session. 

      By the way, the trial session of the Sandbox will be ended after 4 hours use. But you could request it again, it will assign you a new session of the Sandbox.