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Question on DB2 queue replication:
Have a db2 database on server1 and on server2. We need to do queue replication from server1 to server2.
Question it required that the MQ queues have to be setup on both the servers(server1 and server2) OR
Can the MQ queue setup be made available on server3 and still we can achieve queue replication between server1 and server2pp2
For e.g.
Box 1 has db2 database
Box 2 has db2 database
Box 3 has mq installed
Can I achieve queue replication between database on box1 and box2 with the above setup

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    Re: DB2 Queue Replication


    Yes, you define the queues at the MQ server (Box 3), and use them from Box1,Box2.

    At the link below you can find more resources about queue replication, and remember to check the on-line documentation for both DB2 (for your version) and for MQ