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Pinned topic how to install clearcase client in new domain in windows 7?

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My machine has a new domain and I want to install clearcase on this machine. But while maping to the netowrk drive, permission is denied and can't download installation manager. How should I make this domain compatible to use clearcase in it? Also does this domain requires CLEARCASE_PRIMARY_GROUP in it ? My ID is added to the clearcase group in different domain.

 P.S: I had another PC with different domain and I was able to install it without any problem since it has my clearcase primary group added on it.

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    Re: how to install clearcase client in new domain in windows 7?


    Hello Cleardoctor,

    Good day.

    If you are planning to install ClearCase thick client is support only in a LAN based network which could boil down to being in the same Domain as the VOB server.

    If it is in a Different Domain and still on the same LAN atleast the Domains of the VOB server and the Client machine should be a trusted Domain.

    Because you might be knowing that the ClearCase_albd process will try to do a initial hand shake from the Client to the VOB server, and if the Domain is different and if there is no trust existing then this communication will fail and going further all the ClearCase operations will fail.

    Hence being in the same Domain is very important, or atleast in a trusted Domain on the same LAN.


    Avinash S