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Our modules are quite large and have many in and out links to other large modules.  I'm increasing running into memory exhaustion issues when I do tracing analysis.  Some of them, I have to do parts of the analysis at at time (only outlink checks, then only inlink checks, etc.) to keep from running out of memory before the analysis is complete.  There has been many mitigation strategies used to compensate, such as using more link modules and running analysis on only certain link modules at a time.  Strategies are not the question for this topic though.

The question is, is there a way I can check memory in dxl script in order to stop the analysis before I run out?  For example, an analysis script will check 10 different things, if I am near the memory limit (of about 1.8 gbytes) after the 6th one, it will stop and inform the user.  This is a much more elegant way to handle this instead of just running out of memory and crashing.  DOORS does not work well with memory exhaustion issues.  I've seen some dxl script that provide how big of size the project is, but I don't have access to this  (I'm only a user, not an administrator).

Any ideas or suggestions?



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    You can't get the memory usage directly from DXL, but you could run an external app which can get it, and parse the output of it back to dxl.

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