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Pinned topic Saving a custom view while creating a custom canvas

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I have created a dashboard using Service Navigation--->Created a service-->Added the canvas in Custom View for that service.Now I have created a portlet with this same service but am able to view only the "Relationships view"(I do not get the option for choosing custom view  while creating the portlet),my canvas was created in custom view.This problem arises for users other than tipadmin.
Is there a way to save the view definition from Custom view to a specific new View?The Edit View definition option is disabled for Custom View ; that has my canvas present so I cant save the view.



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    Re: Saving a custom view while creating a custom canvas

    ‏2013-09-11T12:45:24Z  in response to techFanatic


    When you create a custom canvas, it is "filed" as the custom view for the specific service and specific user. So if you created the custom canvas as "tipadmin", this custom canvas is not visible to other users.

    You can set a preference while creating the custom canvas to indicate it is for a group that the user belongs to rather than the specific user. You must set this preference prior to clicking the New icon to create the custom view. The Preferences icon is on the tool bar immediately to the left of the New icon.

    Thus you need to create the custom view as an administrative user that belongs to the group containing the operators that you want to see the custom canvas. Then you can modify the preference as stated above and the custom canvas will be "filed" for the group rather than for a specific user. Note that if there is a custom canvas for a service/user combination, that will take precedence over the service/group combination.

    I hope this helps...


    Randy Brown