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Pinned topic KVM Hypervisor in VPKFD

‏2013-10-05T17:00:52Z |

Hello guys!

We want to be able to create and test patterns to de deployed in KVM as hypervisor, not only ESXi.

When we try to add another hypervisor, or even another cloud group, we don't see the option for KVM.

Is it possible to add a KVM hypervisor? If yes, how? If not what would be the product or technology we should use to do so?

Thanks a lot!,

Nicolas E.

  • binnes
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    Re: KVM Hypervisor in VPKFD

    ‏2013-10-07T12:27:23Z  in response to F7QD_Nicolas_Echavarria

    Hello Nicolas,


    The latest version of VPDK does not support KVM.  What is the deployment platform you are targeting with the pattern?  PureApplication Systems does not support KVM based images at this time.




    • F7QD_Nicolas_Echavarria
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      Re: KVM Hypervisor in VPKFD

      ‏2013-10-11T04:15:55Z  in response to binnes


      We've been trying to "emulate" PureApp functionality with Flex machines.Since we've deployed RHEV and SmartCloud Entry in some customer sites, being able to deploy faster with patterns would be a big plus. No automated updates tough...
      We've read something about SmartCloud Provisioning being brought up to par with IWD this October, pattern wise..., but we still think is not comparable.

      I guess that knowing IBM big present commitment to KVM we still wonder why IWD and VPKFD only supports esxi.

      We've just installed v.4.0 of VPKFD and happily see references to OpenStack in the default deploy settings. This means our hunch is correct? KVM is in the works? ;-)?...

      Let us know....
      As always Brian, thanks a lot!


      Nicolas E.