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Pinned topic Printer session failure on Access Client Solutions for Linux

‏2014-06-06T15:17:39Z | access client linux printer session solutions ubuntu

I have been trying to set up a printer session in ACS for Linux on a Ubuntu 14 system.  The print jobs never make it to the print queue in Ubuntu...they clear out of the queue on the iSeries server, and appear to pass through the ACS printer session, but then get lost.  The ACS session status flashes from "ready" to "printing" for a split second when a job is sent down from the iSeries and then goes back to "ready."  

I'm wondering if the problem lies in how the printer is named in Ubuntu.  I have the session pointed to the name used by the Ubuntu system settings - printer configuration utility, which is along the lines of "Dell-Dell-3460-Laser-Printer."  I tried pointing the session to the printer's location under the /dev/... directory in Ubuntu but was returned a permissions error. 

Is anybody using ACS in Ubuntu or a similar distro, and if so, do you have any ideas as to what the printer session needs in order for it to successfully find the printer?