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Pinned topic DS3400 shows up as U port on Brocade 300

‏2013-05-31T16:37:57Z |

Hi all:

I have a DS3400 no expansions. The issue came that we connected the secondary FC ports of both controllers and these secondary ones appears as U ports on the Brocade 300. The primary appears as F (the normal; I guess).

The DS3400 have

            Firmware version:                    
               Appware version:                    
               Bootware version:

And the Brocade 300 firmware is 7.0.c

Both ones are above minimum according manufacturers documentation.... So my questions are:

a) can we use the 4 FC ports on the DS3400; or just one set (primaries or secondaries but not all at the same time)

b) why the secondary appears as U ports?

c) anybody knows how to fix this?

Thanks in advanced



PD: this is a question from our auditing dept. can be the ds3400 config to ask username/password when somebody use the "DS Storage Manager 10 Client"... they are screaming about it.

  • AndersLorensen
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    Re: DS3400 shows up as U port on Brocade 300

    ‏2013-05-31T20:32:18Z  in response to rbadilla

    Your firmware is 4 years old. I'd start by firmware updating to the latest 07.35.73.

    That'll add support for password protection as well. (not sure if your firmware supports it, but I know the latest does.

    Password protection is a bit odd on older boxes. You can set a write password, but not prevent read-only access. The DS3500 have fixed those issues, but I think the DS3400 is still hit with it, even with the newest firmware.

    So if you want to remove read-only access from the box, you'll need to put the management ports on a seperate Network and control access in som sort of firewall/router.


    As for your U-ports - sounds strange. Are you sure the ports are configured to allow f-ports on the affected switch-ports? The ports might have been used for something else previously, and forced to become U-ports in the switch config? Eighter that, or a firmware update is my best guess at a solution.




    • rbadilla
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      Re: DS3400 shows up as U port on Brocade 300

      ‏2013-05-31T21:46:08Z  in response to AndersLorensen

      I will update the Firmware and give you feedback...