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Pinned topic False db.hadr_delay alarms

‏2013-04-17T22:28:05Z | 10.1 9.7 db2 dbdsupport hadr windows

Has anyone encountered false db.hadr_delay alarms being issued?  Here is an example:

ADM10500E  Health indicator "HADR Log Delay" ("db.hadr_delay") breached the "upper" alarm threshold of "15 Minut" with value "9223372036854775807 Minutes" on "database" "DB2.....".  Calculation: "(db.hadr_log_gap*var.refresh_rate/60)DIV(delta(db.hadr_secondary_log_pos));" = "(((114 * 1800) / 60) DIV (64023541392 - 64023541392))" = "9223372036854775807 Minutes".

I have been getting these sporadically from DB2 9.7 WSE 64-bit on Win 2k8 R2.  So far I have been ignoring them, since there does not seem to be anything wrong with the functionality of HADR.