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Pinned topic Search showing items not in publish

‏2014-04-02T21:42:32Z |

When a search is done on our published version of RMC it is finding items that are not part of the actual publish.     Can anybody help me identify why this might be happening?

  • BruceMacIsaac
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    Re: Search showing items not in publish


    My guess would be that the item is published, but isn't included in your treebrowser views, so you just think it isn't being published.

    Try explicitly removing the elements by adding them to a custom category and then subtracting that category.

    Or suppressing them from the configuration using the team process perspective (right click and click suppress).

    One good way to remove elements that you don't want in the website is to put them in a plugin marked as "supporting".

    Such elements then are only published if they are referenced from elements in non-supporting plug-ins.

    Hope some of that helps.

    Bruce MacIsaac