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Pinned topic Cannot save rule with same name after deleting and re-adding

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Hi ,

I am using TBSM6.1 .I have written a policy in NumbericAttributeFunctions and saved the rule with a name say 'PolicyRuleABC' and saved the template .Now I had to make some changes and deleted this rule-PolicyRuleABC.Now if I want to add this same rule(PolicyRuleABC) again using NumbericAttributeFunctions,it gets added in the template but when I click on "save" ,the saved rule disappears.However if I try to save the same rule with a different name say 'PolicyRuleAB' it gets added in the template and stays there when I click on save.One thing I have observed is that on adding the rule an entry is made in the Policylist file ,however when the same rule is deleted the same entry is not deleted from the Policylist file.What could be the reasom behind this and why doesn't it allow me to save with same name?


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    Re: Cannot save rule with same name after deleting and re-adding

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    This looks like a problem with the code, as I was able to reproduce this using (6.1 with Fixpack1). The good news is that I was not able to reproduce this with the recently released TBSM 6.1.1, so hopefully this problem has been corrected.

    If this is blocking your work, you may want to check with support to see if a fix is available now or in an upcoming fixpack for 6.1.

    Thanks for letting us know about this issue...


    Randy Brown