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Pinned topic Configure SOAPUI with Websphere LTPA token

‏2013-05-06T00:27:56Z |

Hi All, need steps to configure SOAP UI to use LTPA token in order to communicate with Webservices hosted on WAS 7..

The presentation layer is able to communicate with this service layer app safely using LTPA mechanism.

I need to test the Webservice services independently using SOAPUI. Need the steps to communicate using the LTPA token.

This is what i have done so far :-

Exported the LTPA token from Global Security -> LTPA ->Cross-cell single sign-on section -> provided the password & the path to the keys and clicked Export keys.

1. Is this the correct way to export the required keys so that SOAP UI can communicate correctly ?

2.This is probably a SOAPUI question, but will throw this here.
    What steps do i need to perform on SOAPUI side to import these keys so that SOAPUI can communicate with the Webservices


Please help.

-Thanks in advance.



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