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How can I change the DRIVE RATE from 2GBPS to 4GBPS
IBM DS5020






Where can I get more information about drive channels?
Drive channels are the physical links between controller enclosures and drive expansion enclosures that transfer host I/O data. You obtain detailed information about drive channels, including error counts, from the Storage Subsystem Profile dialog and the Drive Channels dialog. These error counts help you to troubleshoot cabling problems in the drive channel.
To view general information about the drive channels for your storage subsystem, select Storage Subsystem > View > Profile, and select the Drive Channels tab. The Drive Channels tab provides information about the status of drive channels in the storage subsystem. Information provided includes the channel status, the link status for controller A and controller B, and any cumulative error counts for each controller in a report format.
To view drive channel trunking information about the drive channels for your storage subsystem, select Storage Subsystem > View > Connections. The Connections dialog also provides information about drive channel trunking. If your configuration supports drive channel trunking, the Trunking Active column appears in the Connections dialog. The Trunking Active column indicates if the trunk is active, if the trunk is not active, or if the trunk is not active because a miswire exists on a port.
To view troubleshooting information, select Advanced > Troubleshooting > Drive Channels. The Drive Channels (Summary) dialog shows each drive channel, each channel status, the data transfer rates, and the link status.
Use the troubleshooting option only under the guidance of your IBM Technical Support representative.

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