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Pinned topic What is the "linkType" function?

‏2013-11-28T14:55:43Z | linktype

I am maintaining some code, and after a call to ExternalLink's create to copy an existing ExternalLink to another Object, there is this call:

create(objTarget, blah blah blah, newExtLnk) ; linkType(newExtLnk, (linkType newExtLnk))

I can find no reference to this function "linkType"... not in my DXL Manual 8.2 CHM, not in my DXL Manual 9.2 PDF, not in the spreadsheet of perms that's floating around, and Eclipse doesn't color it like a known perm and it can't find the definition of the function (i.e. I'm pretty sure it isn't defined in some include).


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    Re: What is the "linkType" function?



    I did a search in my 9.3 dxl help for "linkType".  It shows up in the getLinkFilterSettings_ and it states "

    The linkType parameter returns a value that maps directly to the appropriate combo box."

    In the getLinkFilterSettings_ command, it is used as an integer.  So, looking at the link filter dialog box, there is a selection for in-links and out-links, in-links or out-links.  My guess is that this returns one of these three values (0, 1 or 2).

    Not sure what it is doing in your code.

    Hope this helps,