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‏2014-02-19T16:25:02Z | mdm-migration

Hi folks,

How did you build MDM for production?

Can you share some ideas how to use Jenkins/Ant with Git (or other SCM tools) to build MDM.ear?



  • F4DY_Shuhichi_Murai
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    Re: MDM build tool


    Hi, Briansu.

    I used the Jenkins/maven2 and the SVN to build the MDM.ear.

    The maven2 gathers the latest libraries from the internet, so we had better install the original jar files in the MDM.ear in the local repository
    and compile with these.

    The maven2 can store each of version MDM.ear into the local repository, so you can manage the version of the MDM.ear.
    It is easy to build the MDM.ear files for each of environments (function test, system test and product and so on....).
    Inserting the developed source files into the MDM.ear enables to control the version of source files without the SVN.

    Thank you, Murai.