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Pinned topic CM 5.2 + CFS IS sweep tool

‏2013-05-28T07:20:01Z | 5.2 cm in sweep tool


I need some more INFO regard CM 5.2 and how to migrate  IS  server to  the CM repository

I got  few customer that work with CM 5.1 >>>CFS >>>>IS 4.1.2

We plane to  migrate all document that were  CFS  from IS  to CM and then close the IS server .

I found out that in CM 5.2 it can be done via  File STORE SWEEP TOOL

Is there any deep technical over view  regards the procedure ?

Do you have any best practice  regards that  procedure   ?

Is there any customer that did it before with CM 5.2  any known issue ?

I will be glad to get any technical material that can help me to deep understand the issue