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Pinned topic Getting detailed I/O path info for XIV with HAK on Windows 2003

‏2013-11-07T09:50:25Z | dsm hak mpio windows2003 xiv
Hi all,
I'd highly appreciate your help with the following issue -
I have a Windows 2003 server attached to XIV storage. The server is installed with HAK for I/O multipath-ing.
I'd like to get detailed I/O path information however it appears that xiv_devlist only list the total number of paths, but not the paths themselves.
Is there a command / query that will list detailed path info such as path id/name, Device, controller, state, etc.? (similar to what SDD and PowerPath would show)
For Windows 2008 I can get the info using the mpclaim command, but it's not available for Windows 2003 DSM.


Thanks in advance
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