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Pinned topic Expanding RAID5 Array on x3650M4 server

‏2013-09-26T01:46:02Z |

Hi everyone,

I have a customers server installed late last year with 3x 300GB SAS hard drives in a RAID5 configuration.

This server has onboard M5110e ServRAID controller with both the 512MB Cache/RAID 5 Upgrade and Battery Kit installed.

Server is running Windows Server 2012 in a host / Hyper-V configuration.

We need to expand the storage capacity so want to add 2x 300GB SAS hard drives, expand the existing RAID5 array to include these hard drives so I can then expand the Windows data volume (the host server is configured with 2 drive volumes, C: & E:) to include the additional storage.

From what I've researched this is possible(?) but I'm not able to find any clear documentation on this process. I tried calling IBM support but this was a waste of time, the person I spoke to wanted to log a service request for a fault that doesn't exist and doesn't seem to undersand what I was asking.

So I'm hoping there is someone here with experience in this that can offer some advice and/or point me to some documentation on this.

First question though, is it possible to expand a RAID5 array without data loss?

Of course I will be doing multiple backups just in case ;)

Thanks in advance for your help :)