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Pinned topic Linkset not appearing in link module

‏2013-07-16T13:22:36Z |

I have never seen this before.

From within a link module the drop-down for the linksets was empty, no linksets displayed, but I know that there are links using that linkset.

I created another (existing) link , got the usual linkset doesn't exist message, clicked ok.

After that the linkset appeared as normal.

Has anyone else ever noticed this?

  • BillTidy
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    Re: Linkset not appearing in link module



    I believe this is the same bug we found (and admitted to by IBM). The issue arises when you drag+drop a folder or project to a different location in your database. The bug is that the pairings are silently deleted - existing links remain though. A consequence of the bug is that when you try to create a new link, DOORS sees that there is no pairing defined and offers to create a new DOORS Links linkset, which if you accept, allows the creation of  new links using  that new link module.

    This appeared for us somewhere in the 9.4 release and is still there in Interestingly, the bug is not present if you drag+drop the modules one-by-one from the old folder/project into a new folder/project.

  • llandale
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    Re: Linkset not appearing in link module


    Take a peek as the "Administrator".  I wonder if the LinkSets ..err.. LinkModule-Objects are not readable by you.