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Pinned topic V7.31 for Win Media Needed

‏2013-10-10T14:38:20Z |

We are an IBM Business Partner reselling Information Management products. We have a client who is struggling with a legacy Informix application which is currently running on AIX. There is no AIX competence in their organization and they wish to port this application to Windows. They claim that this application runs under Informix v7.31. only. The problem is that it is not possible to get an Informix Server v7.31 for Windows media from anywhere - even IBM cannot help.

My question - does anybody still have this media stored somewhere and if yes, are you willing to share it (for example by dropping the image to Dropbox and sharing the link with me). My client could test then if the legacy application runs under windows (Win 2000 or Win 2003). By sharing the media image you would not be violating license terms because, without license keys, my client can only run this in trial mode which would be enough for testing. If the tests are succesful, we will try to get the license keys from IBM (hopefully that will be easier than acquiring the media itself).

Thanks in advance

Indrek Lang

Elior Business Software