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Rational Quality Manager (RQM)

Test case management, tracking, and reporting is an important aspect of any software test project. There are many test case management tools available in the market. Maximo test chooses to use RQM for its versatility and ability to integrate well with our other project development tools (e.g. Rational Functional tester (RFT)  and Rational Team Concert(RTC)). Both of which are an integral part to a Maximo Development project.

RQM description:

IBM® Rational® Quality Manager is a collaborative hub for business-driven software and systems quality across virtually any platform and type of testing. This software helps teams share information seamlessly, use automation to accelerate project schedules and report on metrics for informed release decisions.


There a several reasons to choose a test management tool.  Some of the keys reasons for Maximo test are:


Repeatability:  Once a test plan has been created in RQM it can be copied and added to another or future plan. Avoiding the need to recreate a plan that is used from release to release.


Progress tracking: Needed are useful reports that can be generated, as well as an overall execution report curve that can be utilized to track if test execution is on schedule. RQM does that for us


Automation execution: Needed is the ability to link directly to automation scripts in RFT and kick off these scripts with the click of a button, as well as capture execution output log results. RQM has this ability as well


Defect tracking: Ability to directly link defects found in execution to the defect tracking system established in RTC.  RQM can do this.


Traceability: Needed is the ability to trace a requirement to individual executions and test cases, as well as trace defects found for that requirement. RQM will work for that as well.


Using with Agile development: Need to be able to link test cases directly to Stories, Epics, and test tasks in RTC. RQM provides this capability



For a glimpse at RQM check out this overview video


More helpful links:


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