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‏2013-05-01T02:09:46Z | mobile


The IBM Mobile Device Management team is pleased to announce the release of Mobile Device Management 2.2 today.
New Major Features:
1. Enterproid Divide Integration - Devices can now be managed through Enterproid's Divide device container solution.
2. Admin Web Portal - Added a new simplified web based interface similar to the Self Service portal, for administrators to easily manage groups of device.
3. Android 4.2 Support - Now fully support Android version 4.2. Note this does not require a new Android Agent to be installed.
Additional Changes:
· Using the App Management will now issue an Android "GCM" message. This makes android agents much more responsive when managing Apps.
· Fixed several issues around version detection and upgrading apps in the App Management dashboard for the iOS App
· Fixed misleading text in the Setup and Configuration dashboard for Lotus Traveler. The setup options now correctly lists the supported versions of the Lotus Traveler server.
· Removed a restriction when editing an iOS Profile where you couldn't add or edit custom relevance expressions.
· Fixed an issue in the iOS Management Extender where recreating certificates forces you to re-enroll your iOS devices.
· Fixed an issue in the iOS Management Extender where an unreachable app URL would cause the extender to hang indefinitely.
· iOS Management Extender now works properly with Authenticating BigFix Relays
· iOS Management Extender now works on Turkish language Windows OSes
· Several optimization and performance enhancements to the Proxy Agent.
Required Actions:
 Upgrade your MDM components. Use the MDM Health Checks dashboard to view the components that are out of date.
Published Site Version:
Mobile Device Management, version 63
Release Notes: